Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pastor's Appreciation Month

Last year when I posted my "Have You Hugged Your Pastor?" update I thought I knew some things my pastor would like to receive for Pastor's Appreciation Month but this year as I have embarked in a new role, as pastor's wife, I have a deep found appreciation for ministers and their families.

May I suggest 7 simple ways to honor your pastor this month:

1. Pray for him and his family.
2. Give your pastor the weekend off; invite a guest speaker.
3. Send your pastor on a Weekend to Remember (Hey, a pastor's wife can dream.)
4. Get involved in your church. SERVE!
5. Give him a gift card to use with his family.
6. Buy him a new bible.
7. Continue to encourage and motivate him.

What are you planning to do for your pastor?

At last year's Pastor's Dinner by the Miami Baptist Association.


Ivett said...

Very thoughtful ideas... I like 'em.

Jessica said...

I really like your ideas, except for #6. As a pastor's wife myself, i know that my husband already has well over a dozen Bibles. I'm not trying to be mean or cynical, but the fact is that the pastor is probably the last person you would need to give a Bible to. (: I enjoy reading your thoughts!