Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have you hugged your pastor?

This month is Pastor Appreciation Month. Take some time this week to show your pastor what he means to you and your family.

Here are a few cool tips:

1. Wash his car.
2. Give him a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant.
3. Treat him and his family to lunch after church.
4. Send him on a paid, all-inclusive weekend getaway with his wife (If you get a group to chip in this could actually be quite affordable).
5. Offer to babysit his child(ren) so your pastor can enjoy a romantic evening with his wife.
6. Bake his favorite dessert.
7. Be grateful all year long.

What NOT to do:
Buy him a tie! =P

For my new pastor and the love of my life, Lucas:
Thank you for trusting Him and passionately pursuing Him. There is no limit on your love and devotion to Christ whether it is leading the congregation into worship or teaching at a youth service to picking up a random stranger and giving him a ride home (Remember the time we did that at Pollo Tropical?). You look for ways to serve constantly. The desire and passion you have for Christ is like none I've ever seen. I can't imagine where the Lord wants to take you but I do know one thing. I will be right by your side wherever that is. Eu te amo muito!


Deby said...

Wow Indy that was so sweet! Lucas is awesome, he was the best addition (before Mike) to the family!! =) hehe love you!

Ivett said...

Awww, well said! I like the part about the all inclusive vacation :-)