Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Milestone in Ministry

This past Sunday my hubby a.k.a. Pastor Lucas got to baptize a very special young lady from our church. This young lady's name is Catalina and although she is only 12 years old, from the moment she stepped foot in Doral Baptist Church on that first day of VBS she has truly fallen in love with Christ. I see her passion and fervor in seeking Him and the way she has been able to share the joy she has in Christ with her friends.

Being able to witness this baptism was overwhelming for me not only because it was my hubby's first baptism but because Catalina means so much to us. Her heart is so pure and it is beautiful to see someone so young come to Christ and commit to living for Him.

Catalina, you may never know just how much you inspire and motivate me. It is people like you that give this thing that we do called church true purpose. I pray that the Lord will use you for great things. I see that He has already begun. Know that we are here for you and love you dearly.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
-Matthew 5:8


Rute said...

Oh! God bless Catalina! She is so cute!

Carlos Carbonell said...

You make me cry... isn’t that great to serve The Lord... I’m proud of Lucas and You… And Catalina for her bold commitment. God bless you all.

Ivett said...

Refreshing testimony!

Melody said...

How exciting and what a great privilege it is to take part in such a sacred day. I pray for Catalina to have godly women, like you Indy, to disciple her and stay close to her as she grows in her faith.