Saturday, August 13, 2011

Airing out my Dirty Laundry

Our new washer and dryer duo with our first load of dirty laundry.

If you know anything about me and husband, then you probably already know that we come from humble beginnings. For the first five and a half years of our marriage we rented a small one bedroom apartment in "Little Havana" just minutes away from the church where we met and from my first teaching job. We had everything we needed except two very key appliances: a washer and dryer. Unfortunately we didn't realize how essential owning a washer and dryer was until we were met with our weekly date nights at the laundromat. Sometimes, I went on my own and believe me I was no exemplary follower of Philippians 2:14 which exhorts us to, "Do everything without complaining or arguing." I dreaded the laundromat, I dreaded being vigilant over the dryer to make sure that I would get to it before someone else, I dreaded laying all of our clothes on a folding table and unraveling our precious undergarments in front of complete strangers. It was humiliating to say the very least. However, God saw it fitting for me to teach me a lesson or two on humility.

As I sit here writing to the ever so pleasant sounds of our High Efficiency dryer tumbling in the background, I can't help but smile. God may not have given me what I thought I wanted when I wanted it. He gave me what He knew I needed when I needed it. Five and a half years ago, he knew that more than needing a washer and dryer, my character could benefit from some fine tuning. It may have taken a long time to finally get our washer and dryer but it was so worth the wait.

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