Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Seminarian's First Day

You know the joy a mother feels on the first day of school when she gets to send her children off to school? Every year, as an elementary school teacher, I am privileged enough to somehow participate in this marvel. The intricate intersection between parent and child letting go of each other to face something new. The point in which a parent chooses to hand his/her child over to another adult for the sake of their child, knowing that something good will come of it.

To some degree, I was able to experience that same emotion today as I saw the most important person in my life set off on his first day as a seminary student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. The sole purpose of our move from Miami in which we left everything we knew and loved behind to pursue God's call is finally coming to fruition.


The joy I feel in my heart seeing you begin your journey as a seminarian in SBTS is indescribeable. Sheer blissfulness is what I sense as I see the infectious smile on your face, the spark in your eyes and that ambition you possess. I am completely and utterly humbled with God's goodness. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity, the opportunity to see you chasing after God's will no matter the cost. I am thrilled to be a part of this adventure. May the Lord continue to speak to your heart and use you for His mighty purposes. I will gladly follow you wherever He leads, 'til the ends of the Earth. Te amo tanto meu Brasileiro.

Your linda,

Just outside our door and the Seminarian is ready to meet his destiny at SBTS.

The place where his two loves meet: God and music.

Heading off to one of his classes; he can hardly contain the excitement.

I hope your first day was simply amazing my love. I am so proud of you.


Danielle said...

I somehow had a feeling that as soon as I saw the link on twitter that you would have taken pictures of Lucas with his new back pack! Glad that you guys are loving it up there! Can't wait to see you both! :D

Melody said...

So happy for you guys! What a great time this will be for you guys. Can't wait to hear how it goes. So glad you're enjoying your new town.