Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You've got a tattoo?

As I was walking out of my final exam this evening towards my friends, one of them shouts, "Indy, you've got a tattoo?" Immediately all of the girls stopped what they were doing at the moment and all eyes were on me. It was almost as if they were in shock that I had a tattoo. I told them that I did and showed it to them. I briefly explained that I did that in the past during a rebellious stage in my life (which I will share with you in the future).

The one thing that amazes me, though, is that when my friends see me, they don't see the old Indy, They now see the beautiful women God has transformed. And like that butterfly tattoo, it is symbolic of the metamorphosis that took place in my life when I came to Christ.

Lord, I thank you for your faithfulness. I am grateful that you continually pursued me even when I thought I did not need you and did not want anything to do with you. Thank you for the forgiveness and abundant life I have found in you alone.

In Jesus' Name,

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17


Melody said...

I love this! Now do I even want to ask where the tatt is? HA!

Lucas said...

I love your tattoo mi Linda! I love how you interpret it now, how you've been changed by God and all that! It is part of you and also reminds us that I've taken you just as you are and you've taken me just as I am and we didnt get married to change each other into the "ideal spouse" but rather to learn how to love each other just the way we are. Just like God loves me and loves you, and his love for us started when we were still his enemies! O my God you are so good!!! And so are you mi linda! I love you, always have and always will!
You are da bomb!!!

Your hubby.

Melody said...

Indy....your husband's comment is sooooo sweeet!!!!!! You guys are so awesome. I love you guys! Can ya'll come over for dinner this weekend? Oh wait, we don't really know each other. That would be weird.

Ivett said...

Great story and message! I still say ouch to tatoo's =)