Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unofficial High School Reunion

I think this is one of those rare instance where the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!


Grad nite
Mercy, Evelyn, Yanin, Daniela, Julie, Glorichel, Anna, me and Maricruz

*Graduation Rehearsal @ The Hard Rock
Evelyn, Jimmy, Ricardo, Orly (top row)
me and Mercy (bottom)

*High School Graduation
(me, Orly and Mercy)


Jimmy (witnessed my most embarrassing moment in high school and still remembers it), Whitney, and me with my hubby

Justin, Maricruz (one of my bestfriends from middle and high school) and me with my hubby

Ricardo, Orly, Mercy, Me and Maricruz

*Photographs were compliments of Orly


EmCee said...

my goodness! we look like babies!! very cool post Indy!

Ivett said...

memory lane is fun!!