Monday, April 27, 2009

Facebook Fast

Many of you may not know but last Sunday after seeking the Lord in prayer there was something that I needed to give over to God and that was my time. Not just a portion of it but all of it and I quickly realized that there was as Pastor Lucas =) likes to call it, a "time stealer" that was robbing me of my free-time. And that was Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with Facebook in and of it's own rather the amount of time I used to spend on there posting pictures, commenting and just "chismosiando" (being nosey). So what God was calling me to do may have seemed drastic for some: no signing on for an entire week but it was well worth it. Besides I had to prove it to myself that I was not addicted and so I did.

I didn't just abstain from Facebook though I used my spare time productively. Initially I wanted to spend that time seeking God and although I was able to use a portion of that time for Him I also used some of my time to dedicate to my household duties as a wife.

You see I hate the kitchen...okay maybe hate is a strong word but I do despise the kitchen (at least when it comes to cooking...baking is a different story). And well, my husband loves to eat a good home cooked meal. Problem is that ever since we got married he's been the chef (he's quite the cook) and you can say I'm a little spoiled. However it made me feel terrible that I would always depend on him for dinner. I decided I would try something new (my love for him compelled me because it really wasn't easy for me to get creative in the kitchen). But I did just that and I think we were both surprised with the outcome. I came to the shocking realization that, "I can cook!" <--That's dangerous because now I gotta keep doing it. Although I am no longer on a "Facebook Fast" God has certainly helped me put my priorities into perspective. And like my sister so accurately says, "People before things." Now I ask you, "Is there some area in your life which you are not surrendering 100% to the Lord? What do you need to do or stop doing today to make sure He is in control?"

Lord, I pray for every single person who may stumble upon this blog. May you bring to light anything that is hidden in their lives that you may want them to surrender to you, whether it's an addiction as simple and deceiving as mine was, or perhaps a wrong attitude or maybe something that no one knows but they feel is draining them of true joy. Father God, I thank you that we can do all things with and through you. I pray that you may minister to their needs and give them the peace that surpasses all understanding that only you can give.

In Jesus' Name I do pray,


Patricia said...

Dear....I'm terrible cooking...I use to blame myself a lot because of this.My mother-in-law and my mother are great cooks and I could take some lessons with them...but I have no attraction for kitchen....I love making desserts,only!But everyday meals,oh my God,i get distance.I got so comfort to read this post,because I'm not alone in this world:) !But I know I need to change and try as you did.My husband'd be proud of me too!He deserves!

Ivett said...

Congrats on fulfulling your commitment to yourself and God. I'm not stellar in the kitchen either, but once in a blue moon, when I cook a good meal, it surprises me too. LOL!

Deby said...

You write incredible, Indy! You may get recruited to be a columnist here in this blogworld. LOL I can't believe I learned something about you here, I didn't know you "despised" cooking! Kudos for using the time you freed up so productively!

Charlene said...

Hey Indy! Whats up? Just checking in to say hello. I chatted with you the other day. hehe. I didn't know you hate (despise) cooking! Ay dios mio chica, i saw lucas on a picture! He looks as cute as ever. He is so skinny!! Tell him I am so proud of him.

Charlene (your halfsister) Love ya <3

Shaina said...

I need to do one of those. I know when I do, I feel I get alot more done in the day :) You should teach me some cooking lessons sometime