Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wrong Meter

This past weekend a friend of mine and I met up for some breakfast and catch-up time at Panera in Sunset Place. I put in enough quarters for half hour. After breakfast my friend and I returned to the car to put in 4 quarters which would be good for another hour and guarantee us plenty of time to walk around Sunset Place and chat.

At the end of our breakfast date as I was approaching the car, low and behold was that bright orange ticket nicely tucked in behind my wipers. I was shocked. My initial reaction was, "This must be a mistake." I looked around, read the time on my ticket and thought, "Impossible!" You see at 10:05 am I put in four quarters (my friend is my witness) and the citation was issued at 10:14 am. It didn't take me long to realize that rather than put the quarters in the meter that corresponded to my parking space, I actually placed my coins in the wrong meter. Sure enough, when I looked at the car next to me, there was no ticket and exactly one minute to spare. I felt so silly and naturally just a tad bit upset with myself for making such a careless mistake!

Since then I've had time to laugh about it and more importantly, reflect. Basically all I can say is that I am grateful that Christ got the "ticket" he didn't deserve for me. And that ticket cost him more than a mere $18, it cost him His life. Thank you, Lord for what you did on the cross!


Ivett said...

good entry. although i got a little laugh, i'm sorry u got a ticket. great reflection on the price our Christ made.

leila said...

I'm sorry for the ticket! The meters are misleading sometimes depending on how the cars are parked! The reflection was great tough!

Lucas Almeida said...

Thtas alright mi linda!!! We'll pay for the ticket... Great illustration! Would you like to preach this Sunday??? LOL

Deby said...

Wow, what a way to turn something that may seem negative to such a positive learning experience!

Charlene said...

Aww. That blog was so cute!! Christ did pay a huge price for us!! >.< I love you!! You are a wonderful woman! Talk to you soon!

Charlene <3