Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some thoughts about this week...

This week I went back to school and I had a new companion with me. I took my very own ACER Aspire One Mini Laptop to class. I'm actually blogging from what my hubby so accurately and lovingly named "Indy's Blogging Machine" right now. It was a Christmas gift from my husband which at first I didn't think I need but I have really come to find not only very practical but one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received from my husband (eventhough I didn't see that at first....he knew better what I needed than I did). Thank you so much my love.

This week I also commited to participating in the 40 day Love Dare challenge with Focus on the Family. I can't tell you what a blessing it has been for our marriage so far. Initially it was a secret (I didn't want to tell my husband I was doing it, I wanted him to see it from my actions) but I had to reveal to him the motive for last night's Love Dare question. He said he noticed and that the way I have been treating him has motivated him to act the same way in return. This is only the beginning of a what I am hoping to turn into a habit. Check it out over at or

Today we had a great day with a beautiful family, "The Sanchez's" doing one of our favorite things: talking and eating a good BBQ. It was wonderful sharing with them. There are few things in life that are more important than spending time with good friends. Some say they are hard to come across but God has graciously placed many in our path.

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Sundays always are. It's so awesome to see how God is working through Lucas at Doral Baptist Church. I never imagined being where we are at today and I am convinced that it's only going to get better. Thank you my love for leading me. All I can do is look forward to following you to places I have never dreamed of nor imagined. It is a privilege, an honor, a blessing, and a great joy to be your wife.

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Ivett said...

Aw congrats on the laptop. You're right, it is a very thoughtful gift. I felt like you when I received my new camera =)

Oooo, enjoy the 40 day challenge. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Friends are blessings and a good fellowship is the icing on a cake.

I agree with the love you display for your husband. I share the same passion for mine. He's been sent especially for me... I believe that!