Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lovin' Louisville: Farmer's Market

Here in Kentucky visiting The Farmer's Market is THE thing to do on Saturday mornings. If you're in the mood for some fresh omelets prepared with free range chicken eggs, they've got it. If you want fresh brewed coffee, they've got it. If you're looking for some grass-fed beef, chicken, meat and bacon, they've got it. Beautiful flower arrangements made on the spot, check. Fresh squeezed lavendar lemonade, check, check. Anything and everything you find here is, well FRESH.

The reason we love The Farmer's Market so much is that we get to handpick our produce and meat for the week which makes it pretty easy to eat the Paleo way. Although I'm not exactly sure how The Farmer's Market will function in a couple of months when it starts to cool down here. I have a feeling that the cold weather won't be much of a factor for the Kentuckians. I can't promise this Miami girl will brave the weather right away but come berry season, I will definitely hit The Farmer's Market again just to find some organic berries. It just might be worth the chill. We'll see.

The Farmer's Market at Beargrass Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Almeida's at the Farmer's Market on 8/20/11

I loved this sign. "Happy cows and pigs make great meat!"

These apples still have the leaves. How cute is that?

Lucas picking some colorful peppers.

I love this farmer's hat. It reads, "Kentucky Proud."

I promise that the basil really smelled THAT good and it tasted even better. Lucas prepared some delicious pesto sauce with this baby.

If you look closely you will find a Mennonite woman. I thought she was Amish but my brother-in-law said the Amish probably wouldn't travel to the city.

Live entertainment. I think it was some type of Bluegrass country music.

This is where we get our skirt steak for BBQ's which are known as Cook-Outs here in Kentucky.

See you next Saturday.


Deby said...

Oh wow, fresh squeezed lavendar lemonade!!

Pop-Tart said...

This market thing is so cool!!!! do we have one here in Miami i never heard or seen one.....