Saturday, December 18, 2010

Half a Decade

Yesterday we celebrated our fifth Wedding Anniversary or as I like to call it, our "Half a Decade" anniversary. The day was a close to perfect as could be.

Here's the proof:

I prepared breakfast for my hubby. This is the handmade card I made for him with my sister's help. Thanks for helping me create the perfect card Tati!

Anniversary lunch at Fogo de Chao...I've had rodizio before but this one was out of this world.

That little green card was my best friend during lunch. I got to eat picanha to my heart's content.

Our first Cirque de Soleil-Kooza

I never knew just what type of ride I was getting on five years ago when we exchanged vows in front of our family and friends at Resurrection Baptist Church. I knew that I loved the person you were, I had a deep admiration for you (specifically your devotion to the Lord), and wanted to spend the rest of my life getting to know you. There is not a day that goes by in which I question whether I married the right person. The truth is that you are the only man for me. I know of no one else capable of loving me the way you love me even when I am "insoportable". Thank you for taking me as I am, believing in me and never giving up on me. Your love compels me to be a better woman, wife, daughter and someday mother. I am humbled to be your wife and honored that I get to see firsthand the work that the Lord is doing in your life. Te amo meu brasileiro. Happy Anniversary!
Your linda,

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Ivett said...

Good times and wonderful memories were made. We have something in common... for one of my anniversaries with Nate we went to our first Cirque de Soleil show too! :-)