Monday, September 13, 2010

Night of Joy 2010

This past weekend our church's youth group took a trip to Orlando to attend Night of Joy 2010. We walked incessantly at the Magic Kingdom, climbed up seemingly endless stairs at Blizzard Beach, stuffed our faces to our heart's content at the Golden Corral, "fist pumped" or way through the rides, and praised God with some pretty spectacular bands. I know I've said this before but it can't be said enough, "My church family rocks!"

Enjoy some of the pictures I took with my camera.

Cata and Nicole on the way to NOJ

Wearing the super cool t-shirts Josh designed for us.

It's a Small World was closed hence the pouting lips.

The girls at the Race Track

The "fist pumpers" courtesy of Lucas

Part of my church family on the bus.

In front of the castle

Look at those faces. Every one is pooped out (This was after Blizzard Beach).

With our Senior Pastor, Pastor Carbonell.

While we waited in line.

Lucas and Mario

The guys on Space Mountain

Kevin spinning us as fast as he could on the Teacups.

Josh and Stefi, our Night of Joy event planners. Great job, guys! Shall we start fundraising for Rock the Universe?

NOJ 2010 was amazing...ready for 2011?

A special thanks to Josh and Stefi for planning NOJ 2010. You guys did a great job and made the trip unforgettable for everyone. Thank you.

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