Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Couch

Lucas and I made it a point not to buy any furniture for our apartment until we bought our first place. We figured that if we got too comfortable renting then we would never be able to get out and make the big leap to become homeowners. We also didn't want to lug around tons of new furniture and risk getting it scratched in the move. So fast forward almost five years and the only furniture we have ever bought was our dining room set. However, that all changed this past Saturday when we purchased a couch.

You see for so long, I have been trying to live in the future. Waiting for lots of firsts with my husband that have yet to come. I realized that I wasn't fully enjoying the right now because I was so focused on tomorrow and what I thought I had to have (the house, the baby) that I neglected to live in the present. Purchasing this couch and bringing it home has showed me things I never thought were possible. For the first time in a very long time, I finally feel like our apartment is "home". I had made up my mind long ago that I would not bother spending time, putting effort or investing money purchasing furniture and decorating our place. I thought I was being strong but in reality, it was harmful. I wasted so many days not being able to enjoy my home because I refused to allow myself to enjoy the apartment God had blessed us with.

Maybe you can relate with me. Perhaps you too have lived in the future or worse, have failed to move on from the past. May I encourage you with God's word, "THIS is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118:24)

Our new L couch. It's the coolest sofa bed I've ever seen.


Danielle said...

Loving the couch! Can't wait to sleepover! ;) ( I can hear Lucas saying a comment riiiiggght about now.) Haha

Aburtomichelle said...

Yayay love the new couch, i got same style just in dark brown where you get it and i really thing you should really decorate your house and buy thing you love to put in even thou is not own apartment thats what i did when i move here because i live like with no furniture for a while hoping for things to happen and never did so we decide to do this 2 and now my house is pretty yayaya iam enjoying my everyday 2 despite my future thank for sharing i go thrue alot stuff and when you post aim like oh wow me 2 ;) love ya

Ivett said...

very nice and oh so smooth! you are not alone. many times i have caught myself delaying what i could have now because i'm waiting for something better in the future... hence my two bathrooms :) what a relief to have such a nice space! I'm just not impulsive, but that's me.

Melody said...

Love it girl! Love the spiritual parallel too. THIS is the day the Lord has made...yes, I love that emphasis. And I so love the couch...pottery barn?

Lucas Almeida said...

Danielle? Sleeping over?? She will be welcomed with snores and farts!!! :P

Stacey said...

Love this post, Indy. I can really relate to it, too.

I love your insights about enjoying this time and this day that the Lord gave us!

The couch is beautiful! :)