Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman

I'm super excited about this bible study! I am finally participating in my first Beth Moore study titled "Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman." Before I signed up to participate I figured I would order the book from Liza and do it if and only if it was convenient. However Liza is so persistent that she made sure to follow-up with me. She called me last week to encourage me to begin doing my lessons. She also told me that it was a difficult study and would require a lot of self-discipline on my part. I am not going to lie, as she was speaking to me, in my mind all I was thinking of were the excuses I could use to get out of it (I'm too busy, I have homework to do, I need some time for myself, etc.). But God wouldn't let me bail out that easily and in my heart I knew that this was my opportunity, the opportunity I had been longing for without even knowing it.

So on Sunday evening, I began my first lesson. After about a good thirty minutes, studying the book, recording my responses and going back and forth in my bible for references, I was hooked. I'm already on Day 3 of this study and although we haven't actually had our first small group yet (that takes place this Thursday) I can tell that God has already begun doing great things through this.

For one, when I got up this morning, for the first time in a very long time, the first thing on my mind was not Facebook. I know, this is embarrassing for me to admit but I confess, I'm still addicted to Facebook. Things changed overnight somehow and when I got up, God was the first thing on my mind. I wanted and felt like I needed to spend time with Him. I was anxious to get right to business and not because I wanted to scratch it off my to do list but because I knew that it really was beneficial for me. And not like a vegetable beneficial where it's good for you but doesn't really taste so good. Nope, this is completely different. It's not only good for me but it's delicious.

I'm so glad that I accepted this challenge (and I say it is a challenge because it really is considering that I already host another women's small group, am taking two graduate courses, work full-time and actively support my hubby's ministry all the while starting my own ministry at Doral Baptist Church). I know that God is going to use this time invested in this study to strengthen my faith and relationship with Him. Will you join me on my journey? Whether you chose to pray with me or are motivated to purchase the book and start your own small group, may I encourage you to go for it. In the words of Beth Moore, "
our status is infinitely higher as a servant in God's kingdom than a ruler in ours."


Kaz and Amy said...

I loved this study! I pray you do too! I know you will! It's awesome!


Stacey said...

Hey Indy,

Although I have not done this Esther study, I have completed many Beth Moore Bible studies over the years and each one has taught me so much, gotten me back into the Word, and the lessons have truly stuck with me. It certainly does require self-discipline but it is all well worth it, as you're already seeing after diving right in! Hope you continue to enjoy it. I'd like to do that one sometime, too.

In this wonderful life... said...

I've heard great things about Esther! Let us know what ya think!!