Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Confession from a Facebook Addict

Every morning when I wake up the first thing on my mind is "What will I do first?" Since I am on summer vacation, it can be easy to spend/waste my day away on Facebook.

Today I decided to grab a glass of oj, log into my Facebook account and then do my devotional. I even updated my status on Facebook to read "Devo Time" because I knew that I would be accountable to following through with my word and would not put it off until later.

Is there something wrong with the chronological order of events in my day so far? I would shout, "ABSOLUTELY!". Why am I spending time with God after Facebook? I need to be seeking God first.

I do not believe there is anything wrong with social networking on Facebook, Twitter or on blogs. However, I do believe that the time we invest in those things tells us a lot about the condition of our heart. The bible puts it this way, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21)

Sadly so, my heart is in Facebook. I can try to justify it any way I want. "It's a good way to witness, to share a wise counsel, to invite others to church." But the truth of the matter is when I do those things before seeking God, I am doing them on my own and in my own strength.

I need to spend time with the man if I want my priorities to be aligned with his plans for me. Today I commit (and want you to hold me accountable) to seeking Him first. My plan is to create a routine: 1. Prayer, 2. Bible reading and 3. Journaling. Now is the best time to start.

Here is a the devotional that God used this morning to convict me of my sin. I pray that the Lord will continue to use it in a powerful way to bring subtle sins to light. So many times, we repent of the big things and fail to see those little things that can be so destructive in our lives.


Ivett said...

Although, I commented to your email, I decided to post my respose...

Wow, this is dead on. thanks for the refreshing devotional. the funny thing is, before I read your email, I read an online devotional. that's something I don't usually do daily, let alone before FB, but I did it today... I guess God was calling me. thanks for the perspective. I appreciate it.

Suzy Rae said...

Hey Indy! I just saw your comment about my Shakespeare quote! Its a great one, isn't it?

I have really enjoyed reading your blog? How did you stumble upon my site? God Bless!

**cH@rLeNe** <3! said...

hmm....i dont have a i didnt even read the blog. haha :) how are you?