Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The BIG 3-0

This past weekend I celebrated the BIG 3-0 with a Totally Awesome 80's birthday party. It was by far the best birthday I have ever had (each year it just gets better).

Since I was an 80's child, the only thing that seemed fitting was to throw an 80's themed birthday party. So everyone dug into their closets and came up with some pretty neat costumes that you will see in just a few seconds.

Enjoy the pics! They're almost as good as the party was. ;)

My siblings.

Cutie pies!

No 80's party is complete without the "Thriller" dance.

Don Johnson who? My husband is totally rocking the Miami Vice look.

The Pac Man cupcake cake made by my awesome sister, Danielle.

The group pic

Noel blowing out the candle before the birthday girl. =) He stole the show!

I heart my sisters.

80's Karaoke time

Devotional led by Pastor Lucas. (John 3:16)

Mike was the winner of the costume contest...he was even sporting the waterproof Walkman.

With my husband whose got some catching up (he's only 27). ;)

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. Lucas and Vito who tirelessly worked on the backyard laying down the new lawn days before the party. Lucas who set up the tables and chairs outside. Vito, our caterer extraodinaire, who also grilled the hotdogs, hamburger and World's greatest wings to perfection. My mami who went above and beyond getting all the details picture perfect, pool lights and all. Danielle who spent 4 days working on my top secret birthday cupcake cake. Not only was it a great replica but it was also delish! Deby and Mike who loaned us the torch lights (one of which we will replace because it was accidentally set on fire minutes before the party was scheduled to kick off). They also diligently helped clean up afterwards. Alina whom put so much time and love into the decorations, gave me the beautiful centerpieces and also went shopping for my birthday outfit until we finally ended up in her closet cutting off the sleeves to an old sweatshirt. And of course to everyone who came: Thank you for being a part of my 30th birthday...it was totally awesome!


Rute said...

Wow!!! Awesome! Perfect!Congratulations!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh, Indy, this is AWESOME! I am totally inspired. I turn 30 next year and am totally doing the same thing! What a blast :).

And I LOVE those cupcakes - perfection!!!

Lisa said...

Looks like it was fun!

Danielle said...

It was totally rad! Haha We had the best time ever and I enjoyed making the pacman cupcakes!! Still eating leftovers from the party! :)

Melody said...

That cake is SO awesome! I once got addicted to pacman....like 6 yrs years ago when you could buy that joystick thingy. I would get so tense playing it that I got this horrible crick in my neck and eventually had to go to the Doctor. All this happened in a time span of two weeks so I took the thing back. The bad thing is that we supposedly bought it for Mitchell, who was like 2 yrs old at the time. HA! Like whatever!!!! I'm so glad you had fun on your 30th birthday. May the next 30 be awesome years serving the Lord and serving others!

Stacey said...

Happy Birthday, Indy! I LOVE the idea of an 80s party! The Pacman cake is super cute! My hubby would be so into that. :)

Looks like you had a really great time! Hope it's a wonderful year for you! Thanks so much for all the support and prayers. You are such a kind soul.