Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting 2010 on the Right Foot

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When I look back on the New Year's Resolutions that I made over a year ago here, I realize how miserably short I fell. However, it's not a good enough reason to keep me from dreaming, planning and setting new goals for 2010.

Here are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Spend less time on social networking media (Twitter, Facebook) and more time reading good books.
2. Cook more for my hubby.
3. Begin and follow through with the Discipleship Journal Plan.
4. Dedicate more time to my church. A lot of the things I do for my church are really behind the scenes but I would like to find what I was created to do within my church.
5. Be more punctual especially with regards to my job. My goal is to get to work by 8 am every day.
6. Memorize scripture and pray more. (Talk less, listen more)
7. Be others centered and less self-centered.

Dear Lord,

2009 has been an incredible year so far. It has been such a blessing for me to be a pastor's wife. You know how my heart yearned to see my husband serving you in that capacity. I still can't believe how incredibly gifted he is, Lord and how much he has grown. I thank you for His love for you and for the privilege that you have given me of doing Him good all the days of my life.

Father God, here are my resolutions for 2010. I ask that you give me the strength and will to carry on some of these challenges. I know some of these goals will require discipline on my part and as easy as it is for me to start something, it is following through with my word that I sometimes struggle with. Will you please work in me to give me the desire and the power to do your good purpose.

Even when I am tempted to get one step ahead of you, I am trusting you completely with 2010. I am waiting expectantly on You (Psalm 5:3). I am waiting for You alone to fulfill Your promises to us and grant us the desires of our hearts.

I love you, Lord and wouldn't trade the life I have today for anything in this world. Thank you for your continued faithfulness.

In Jesus' Name,

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Ivett said...

Great list! My favorite is #1... I've thought about reading more too! I enjoy self help books bc I enjoy helping others in the process as well. Indy, keep your dream alive =)