Thursday, September 17, 2009


I know I have been MIA lately and trust me it's not that I want to be but I honestly have been very busy. Keeping up with the workload that comes with switching to a new grade level, taking two graduate courses at FIU and my usual commitments with my church and family have made it very challenging to post as frequently as I regularly do. But I'm back and I thought I'd share a few updates with you.

Here goes:

1.) I have the best relationship with Christ that I have ever had. I'm making time for Him every day and seeking him first thing. It has made a world of my difference and I have been wondering why I ever went so long without having a consistent quiet time with Him.

2.) We didn't find and close on our first home this summer like we thought we would but we are trusting God with our desires. Currently we live near our church and jobs and really do love this city but the time to buy for first-time homeowners has come (and will soon be gone). Nevertheless, I'm not giving up on my dream of writing bible verses all over our walls and then painting over them with my husband.

3.) There are great GOD things happening at our church, Doral Baptist Church. Our youth group got re-vamped about a month ago. We started incorporating live worship and snacks and VOILA...teenagers started flocking to us. Magic Formula? Nope. it's really the work of the Holy Spirit stirring up those hearts in the city of Doral. We have been faithful with the ministry and now (a year later) we are bearing the fruit of our labor.

4.) Don't know if I mentioned it but my ever so wonderfully generous and loving mami gave me her 2005 Ford Escape. This has made life a trillion times easier and now Lucas has the flexibility to teach private music lessons at night while I am in class.

5.) My gorgeous sister, Danielle, took her quinces pics and they are up here. Isn't she a doll?

6.) I started working out a local gym and have not one, but two gym buddies. =) They keep me accountable to sticking to the routine and we spend nice quality girl time talking up a storm.

7. ) My amazing bloggy friend, Melody has come up with a National Blog Spot Day. I just love her spot and as promised here's a picture of my blog spot. It's not fancy schmazy, it's just the place where I occasionally get to disconnect from my responsibilities and share a little bit of what's on my heart.

"Indy's Blogging Machine" (gift from my hubby) on top of our couch.

So what have I missed? What's going on in your life?


Melody said...

When we bought our house it was still under construction so we were able to use a sharpie marker and write verses on the 2x4's. We also put a Bible that we wrote a message in and put that in the stairwell before they sheetrocked. I haven't thought about that in a while. We dedicated each room to the Lord and wrote our verses and prayers throughout the house. I know you will enjoy writing your verses throughout your house when the time comes. Oh, I also almost forgot that Mitchell, our two year old at the time, got the sharpie and colored ALL over the front porch! My husband had to sand it out. Ha!
Thanks for playing along and posting your blog spot! Ha!

Ivett said...

Wow, alot has been going on in your life. Sounds wonderful!

Rute said...

Hi Indy, I am also trying to buy a new house or to do a extreme makeover! :) May God help us. Tell me more about your dream of writing bible verses all over our walls. Your sister is so beautiful, the pictures are awesome!