Saturday, July 4, 2009

True Freedom

Today we took part in a car wash with a few of our friends from church. Gosh, it's been at least 10 years since I last had any part in one of those. I guess I forgot how much fun they can be. We washed a total of 3 cars (0ne was ours) and collected about $60 in donations.

I also got to meet a pretty cool lady in her 40s standing at the corner of the street holding up a Pizza Hut sign. I spent a couple of minutes talking and getting to know a little bit about her. She told me that she came from Cuba 10 months ago and that she never imagined herself doing what she's doing today. Yet she feels very happy to have the opportunity to be here because she has a chance to make it in this country where so many come seeking to live "The American Dream".

Many of us can relate with this woman. At least I know I can. Although I came to this country when I was just a baby (45 days old to be exact), my parents were given the chance to pursue "The American Dream". Today I consider both my mom and dad very successful not because of the size of their home, or the cars they drive but because they came with nothing and worked for everything they have today. Most importantly though they found the God that was unfamiliar to them until they came to the US.

It is truly a privilege to be an American, that is a Cuban-American for me. =) I am grateful to be in a country where I have the freedom to practice my beliefs and seek God. I am not persecuted for my faith and I am not forced to think or behave a certain way.

Most importantly, today like my sister's husband so accurately expressed to her, as we remember all those that fought for this great country and gave their lives up for the liberty we have today, we cannot forget THE man who gave his life so that we could have salvation and access to heaven.

Now that's what I call true freedom, something we were so unworthy of having yet God's love for us compelled him to surrender all including his own son on that cross. It is because of that great sacrifice and selfless act of love that today we have access to heaven.

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Ivett said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!