Thursday, July 9, 2009

Handy Woman (NOT!)

Today I spent at least 45 minutes trying to put up our new "noticeboard" from Ikea. After putting in seven holes in the wall and not being able to hang up the noticeboard, I realized that this was no ordinary job for a woman. I handed the hammer to my husband and he had that board up in no time.

So many times we complain about the opposite sex. Men exclaim in frustration, "Why is she so complicated?". While women constantly complain, "Why doesn't he get it?". I can say that today God reinforced why he made us so different. We need each other. Could I have put up that noticeboard on my own? Maybe. But it was much easier to just ask for help.

Similarly, in the body of Christ and in our local church we will find the same concept prevailing. All of us are different. Our personalities are different. Our past is different. Our experiences are different. The way we were brought up was different. Some people are natural leaders, while others are gifted communicators, yet some enjoy singing in the choir and still others enjoy playing an instrument in the worship band.

I'm so grateful that church is not something the pastor does on his own. We don't just sit back on Sunday morning listening to a 45 minute sermon while simultaneously filling-in the blanks of an outline. No, we get to do it together and I'm so glad that we do.

Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the church by using our special abilities, talents and spiritual gifts (Read more about spiritual gifts here). Have you found yours yet? Have you begun using it in the church? What are you waiting for?

Our new Noticeboard/Prayerboard from Ikea


Danielle said...

Haha sounds like it was a tough job!! It looks really good! Had fun getting it with you even after the slight problem with directions!

Ivett said...

love the notice/prayer board... good idea for daily prayer requests.