Friday, June 26, 2009

One a Day

My newest and one of my funniest blogger friends, Melody has suggested that I update my blog daily. Since I am on summer vacation and have all this time on my hands (I don't mean that in a sarcastic way at all, it's the truth!) I've decided that this is a challenge worth taking.

My first "One a Day" blog post will consist of a brief questionnaire. My favorite day of the week has been Friday ever since I can remember which also happens to be the day of the week I was born on. I am wondering if there is any correlation between the day we are born on and our favorite day of the week? I am assuming that everyone in my sample (can you tell I am taking a research course?) has a favorite day of the week.

Here are your questions:

1. What is your favorite day of the week?
2. What day were you born on?
Click here to find out.
3. Is there any correlation between your day of birth and your favorite day of the week? (i.e. Were you born on your favorite day of the week or is it the day you dislike the most?)

Happy Findings!

Disclaimer: This research is being conducted solely for entertainment purposes and the results will not be published.


Miss Phatty said...

Love the new look!!!!!
Super cute!!!!!


Have a great weekend! <3!

Ivett said...

1. My favorite day of the week is conditional: when I'm working it's Friday, TGIF; when I'm on recess I like all of the days equally. But since I have to choose only one, I enjoy Saturday's.

2. I was born on a Saturday night.

3. Maybe they do correlate. I love being with my family and most Saturday's offer lots of family time together.

By the way, I really like your blog page's new look!!!

Aburtomichelle said...

my favorite day in fridays because usually me and my husband stay up super late while Hailey sleep

I was born on a tuesday

i dont think they correlate i dont even care for tuesday but it says i born that day lol

Melody said...

My favorite day is Friday and I was born on Saturday. That was pretty cool finding out what day it was. I don't think I've ever stopped to even think about that. I tried to remember without using that link but I just couldn't remember that far back. By the way...I'm impressed you are taking the challenge. I am sooooo stinkin' excited!

Lucas Almeida said...

I can tell that you are taking a research class!!! LOL

Born on a Thursday and love Sundays... and Saturdays and Fridays!!! I lovem all!!!!!!!!!!!

EmCee said...

hmm... I love Thursdays and was born on a Thursday! There might something to your theory my friend.

Danielle said...

I was born on a Saturday and I love Saturdays!!! I think you're theory can actually be proven!!