Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Speeding Ticket that Almost was

"Can I see your license and registration?" If you've ever been stopped that phrase my be all too familiar to you. I actually heard it for the first time in over three years yesterday after dropping my mom and her husband off at MIA. The police officer that pulled me over caught me going 31 in a 15 MPH zone. And he made it very clear that he had to enforce the speed limit it because of the tragic accident that occured about three weeks ago.

I quickly and sincerely apologized without making excuses for myself. But I told him that it was my mom's car and that it may take me a while because I didn't know where the registration was. I did hand him my driver's license. Danielle, my little sister, helped shuffle through all the papers in the glove but couldn't find the registration. He then proceeded to ask what I like to call the magic question, "Are you a safe driver?" At that point, I knew my prayer had been answered and that God was showing his mercy through Officer J. Leon (I made it a point to remember his name...after all he was a kind officer). So I got off with a verbal warning. He also asked me to raise my right hand and pledge not to speed in the airport or anywhere else. I was grateful. Sure beats a $219 ticket and four points on my driver's license.

Sometimes, we are so quick to make people pay back for what they've done to us. But I think God's challenge for us is to be compassionate like Jesus. God didn't think about giving us salvation based on whether we deserved it or not, he just did it because he loved us. My husband has compared God's love for us to tipping your waitress. So many times, they don't deserve a 20% tip but just like God doesn't tip us on how well we behave, we should also have mercy and compassion on those around us.

How will you show mercy to someone around you this week?


Ivett said...

Praise God! I'm glad for your happy ending!!

Deby said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't know this!! It's kind of funny that he made you pledge not to speed!

Miss Phatty said...

Ok, so I am a little behind on my blogs, I'm happy you didn't get a ticket on this one!

**cH@rLeNe** <3! said...

oh-em-gee!!!!! that it was WONDERFUL for you