Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallelujah Night

Last night we went to Trinity Baptist Church for Hallelujah Night which is the Christian alternative to Halloween. It was a night where we gathered to glorify and honor His name alone. There were skits, dances, and ways I never knew were possible to worship God. This one group actually painted six canvas while playing "God is God." When they were finished they put all of the together to reveal a painting of Jesus. They did this using paint and their hands paintbrushes! It was Amazing!

Unfortunately our Sony Cybershot is broken for the third time (new camera is first on my Christmas list) and although I wasn't able to get many good pictures I did get a great video clip. Here is our church Doral Baptist Church doing "Sobrenatural" which my hubby rocked.


Ivett said...

Sounded like fun! Beautiful song!

Reggie said...

Congratulations Lucas on becoming the English speaking pastor. You and Indy truly have a passion to serve God.