Monday, November 24, 2008

Any Thanksgiving Recipes?

If you know just a little bit about me, you probably already know that I'm not much of a cook. I can make a great lasagna and delicious breaded chicken but as for the extent of the options on my menu, they are pretty limited. However, Thanksgiving is definitely the time of year where I want to try new things out. Last year I made the candied yams with pecans. One of my pastor's wife (Clarissa) gave me the recipe and if I must say so myself, it was delicious. This year Danielle (my little sis) and I are joining forces to try the famous pumpkin cheesecake pie. Yum.

Are you trying out any new recipes? Please do share.


Ivett said...

Where did u get the pic of the pie that look like it has lady bugs on it? LOL =)

Anyway, I'll be making a sweet potato dish super easy and includes marshmallows... not a new dish, but a family favorite =)

Aburtomichelle said...

Hey Indy well sorry i got good recepi for anything iam learning how to cook now, but one day i will be able to share one hopefully soon lol.

Hey i wish you and all your family a Happy Thankgiving

Let me tell you for me Thankgiving everyday because of my little baby very very soon to come out lol

Indy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Michael I can't wait to hear that your baby girl is home with you.

Miss Phatty said...

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! BTW if you made that pie in the pic itlooks delish! bye for now <3 !

Indy said...

I didn't make the pie, Tania...this year we made the pumpkin pie cheesecake and sweet potato that was delicious!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving recess.