Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Few Updates

I know I've been MIA but I have a good reason. This weekend I was swamped with work for my Children's Literature course and an alledged midterm which my professor ended up cancelling (will comment on that later) but yes, I've been crazy busy.

I'm squeezing this in during my lunch break so here are a few updates:

-Lucas preached for the first time at our new church, Doral Baptist Church, this past Sunday. His message really touched my heart. It's kind of funny because I was crying to what my husband was saying. It's not the first time that happens while he's preaching. The HOLY SPIRIT I tell ya! Thank you for ministering to me Luki. I am so proud that I get to be a part of what God is doing through you.
-Tonight we will be starting a new series in our women's small group "Essential Christianity" by Bill Hybels.
-I was one of the four candidates nominated from my school for the "Rookie Teacher of the Year" award (What an honor!)
-Today our pastor and his wife celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. "Happy Anniversary to one of the greatest couples in ministry, Pastor Carbonell and Ligia. We love you and it is a privilege to do ministry with you."


Ivett said...

Great stuff! When life happens, sometimes it's big and fast such as your recent events. Kudos to your recognition at work!! Dedicated and caring teachers such as you deserve the honor!! Wondering: I thought you already taught more than one year?

Indy said...

Thanks for the compliment and right back at you! It's my third...but "Rookie" is for any teacher that has been teaching 1 - 3 years.

Marcy said...

indy.. what a true honor... good job.. God's favor is all around you.. how awesome.. thank you for being a great teacher!!!