Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why Discipline?

When I think of discipline I think of a professional ballerina. I think of all of the hours she has dedicated to perfecting her pirouettes. The dancer has sacrificed countless hours of sleep to prepare for her next performance. She has had to push her body to what seemed to be unbearable lengths at first. She experienced soreness, she bled, she pulled her muscles. And she did it all only to become a prima ballerina, a remarkable accomplishment indeed.

But are ballerinas the only people who have to be disciplined? No way! I believe everyone has to lead a life of discipline. We must be disciplined in how we handle our finances, how we nourish our bodies, the time we spend with the Lord, in our relationships. Practically every area of our life demands discipline.

In “Who You Are When No One is Looking” Bill Hybels says that discipline is delayed gratification. You do something that may require sacrifice today in order to get what you want tomorrow.
God is really showing me that this is one area in my life that I can no longer neglect. I just can’t afford to. I want to make an impact in my family’s life, with our future children, with my friends, with my students and co-workers, with my neighbors and so many others. And I feel like somehow I am shortchanging myself simply because I am not disciplined in certain areas of my life. With that said, I am committing myself to leading a life of discipline.

Experts say it only takes 21 days to build a habit and I think today is a pretty good day to start with discipline.


Deby said...

Look forward to the day when your discipline becomes second nature and you do it without even thinking about it or trying. Like thinking aligned with the word of God. Imagine thinking just like Jesus without having to locate the scripture, it just comes to you since it became part of you... just because you decided to be disciplined and spend time in the word and live it out. Our flesh won't have much of a say! =)

Marcy said...

girl... can you write a book.. you write so well, so real! loved hanging out with you guys the other night. Thank you.

Wincy Rivera said...

Hey, when i ready this I see myself... I feel that some many times we try or think we are trying to be disciplined but always end up failing. I also feel that Moises and I are moving in the same direction of trying to enforce financial discipline in our lives.

We may think that it's impossible, but nothing is impossible with God on your side.