Friday, July 25, 2008

We can dance together but he has to be the one leading

So for a long time I've been praying about our first home. I've been asking God to open doors for us and to lead us to the home He has for us.

This past Sunday my husband called while I was at a friend's baby shower and asks, "Would you like to check out a few apartments on Monday?" It came out of nowhere because I think the last time we even talked about buying a home was in January. And really in a sense it was no longer a priority. I was focused on other things (serving Christ, pursuing my Masters, starting a family, etc.). But it was awesome and I of course was very excited about the possibility.

After checking out a couple of places (both of which were short sales) we realized, "Man, we could actually buy something now!" And I tell you, praise God because he made us wait. Had we chosen to get ahead of God's plan we probably would've been in foreclosure right now or at least regretting buying a home at an inflated rate. But most importantly, we would've missed out on the opportunity to see Him give us the desires of our heart.

My husband being the wise man that he is said something to me on Monday that I will never forget. I can't remember word for word, but it was something along the lines of, "Linda, when you are quiet, you let God speak." You see for so long I kept telling Lucas, "We've got to buy a house, We've got to buy a house, We've got to buy a house." But it really wasn't my place to tell him what we have got to do. You see, my role, as his wife is to submit and follow his lead. I know He is serving and following the Lord and when the time is right he will know it because God will speak to HIS heart. And I am sure God's voice is a lot more pleasant than mine. But I thank God that he gave me a patient and loving husband. And that he has the confidence and boldness to stop me when I am trying to "run the ship" although I would like to sometimes.

A few of the things God has revealed to me through this experience which I feel I must share: First, His timing is perfect. "He is never early and He is never late." Secondly, we've got to not only know His word but we've got to trust His word. "Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you." Thirdly, we must learn to be content where we are right now. God is not going to give us something new or better until He knows that our contentment is not dependent upon circumstances or things. And lastly, it is imperative that as a wife, I follow my husband. If my husband is in submission to Christ, then I should submit to him out of obedience to the Lord and out of respect for my husband.

Hope I was able to bless some wives and even some wives to be.

In His service,


Deby said...

AMEN sister!

Heredes... said...

good word! Matthew 6:33 - you cant go wrong!

Plus Lucas is a wise brazilian man ;)


Marcy said...

Great words of wisdom indy!! Wow. thank you