Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Little did I know that someday I would spend my spring break hiking in the Smoky Mountains. Although I miss the sound of the crashing waves and the glistening sun on my skin, I am grateful for moments like the ones we are experiencing here and now. I am thankful that I married a man that is not only tons of fun but values spending time with me and creating memories, which we will forever cherish. 

These pictures literally bring a smile to my face. Marriage can be so sweet when we do it God's way.

 The B&B we stayed in for our Spring Break getaway.

Ready to embark on our first trail.

My protector, ready to ward off the bears.

The sense of satisfaction after completing our first 4.4 mile hike.

At The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

 My hubby, the deep thinker.

 The waterfall that awaited us a the end of the trail.

Our last day at the B&B with our new friends.


Emily Tyler said...

How am I just now finding your blog! I love it! And it looks like you guys had a great trip!

Unknown said...

very cute i miss the beach too its cold and rainy in here i can even hike nice seeing you found a new activities in your new home

Michelle said...

Glad you went hiking How are you doing :)

Melody said...

I miss you my blogging buddy!!! Hope ya'll are doing wonderful. Just wanted to swing by to say hello.

Natasha said...

looks like such a fabulous time! :)