Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Home Away from Home

After an unplanned yet very much needed blogging break, I am happy to announce that I'm back with great news to share. We kicked off my birthday month by becoming members of Clifton Baptist Church in Louisville.

Initially, the chances of finding a church we loved as much as Doral Baptist Church appeared very bleak. Good thing we didn't leave it up to chance. God has been so gracious with us. He has been orchestrating every single step we have taken here in Louisville, graciously guiding us one step at a time and lovingly leading us by the hand.

Enjoy the pictures of the newest "Cliftonites" who in true Lucas and Indy fashion, "closed" the church that evening. Unfortunately for us there were no photographers around to take our picture but that didn't stop us from snapping a few shots to commemorate the occasion.

Happy to call Clifton home. 

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Melody said...

Miss you my friend! I've not forgotten about busy but think of you often.