Saturday, April 2, 2011

Marriage: A Savannah Getaway

When we were just newlyweds, our pastor at the time, Pastor Carbo and his wife shared one of my all time favorite marriage tips ever. They encouraged us to make it a point to getaway as a couple every three months or so. I am so grateful for that gold nugget they shared with us. Getaways never get old and I always look forward to the time spent with my husband.

However, if you're involved in ministry then, you know how challenging it can be to plan a vacation. Missing church on a Sunday is a no-no especially when like my husband everything that he has worked so diligently for culminates on this one day alone. Getaways (at least on the weekends) can easily and quickly take a backseat to ministry. Lucky for me, my husband is a man who knows his priorities and makes every effort to create balance between ministry and marriage.

This year for the first time since we've been married, Spring Break did not coincide with the week of our Easter festivities. Therefore, we decided to take advantage and plan a little getaway. My hubby took me to a magical little town in Georgia a.k.a. Savannah. Our time there was refreshing. We enjoyed good food, rest and relaxation, beautiful weather and quality time together.

Day #1
Our first day in Savannah. These stairs were located near The Savannah Riverfront.

Dinner inside The Olde Pink House. Thanks again for the recommendation Justin and Maricruz!

A close up of our dessert.

Sitting outside after dinner on the picnic benches just outside the restaurant.

Day #2The line to go inside Mrs. Wilkes'. We waited an hour and a half and as you can see we were in good company.

Sitting at the table with some locals and good ole' Southern food. Notice the smile on my hubby's face.

My favorite part was being asked to take our own plates, utensils, and cup to the dish washer. Here is Lucas being a good boy.

After our lunch at Mrs. Wilkes'. It was definitely worth the wait. Thanks for the recommendation Ari and Ivette!

Enjoying some good music on The RiverFront. This is a picture of a local band playing some original Irish songs.

My hubby and I on our last day in Savannah.

I'm so grateful for my husband. He is a man that I admire deeply. He serves the Lord relentlessly but always shows me that I am second only to God. He is truly an answer to my prayers.


Aburtomichelle said...

I wish i was able to do that but gateways are impossible in out budget and we have noone to look after Hailey maybe one day for now i just want more children lol i dont care for traveling

Danielle said...

Looks like you and Lucas had a lot of fun!!! :)

Rebekah said...

It's so good and refreshing to get away - I'm glad you had the opportunity!

Melody said...

So glad ya'll were able to get away. Savannah is beautiful and looks like ya'll had a great time.