Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Beauty of Baptisms

On Sunday morning, Resurrection Sunday, we had a joint Easter service where 144 guests and members alike were present. It's amazing to think that just a little over two years ago our church was just getting started with but a few faithful followers. Ministering in a young and growing church has taught us not to place an emphasis on numbers (quantity) but rather on the individuals and their spiritual growth (quality). We have seen countless come to Christ and transform their lives radically. We have seen families pour their lives into our church for the sake of Christ helping to fulfill the Great Commission. My heart cannot help but rejoice as I look back on the images that will forever be engrained in my mind of the 11 who took the step to get baptized on Easter Sunday making the public profession of faith to follow, live, and die for Christ. Baptism symbolizes that they have died to their own sinful nature and are now resurrected with Christ.

All this to say that ministry as challenging and demanding as it may be always yields more in returns than what we invest. The utter sense of fulfillment cannot be contained in mere words. Witnessing a young believer come to Christ as the first in his family, a mother and children's prayers answered as their father takes the step to get baptized, and a young woman in uncontrollable tears feeling unworthy of being called a Christian because she recognizes that she is so far from who she wants to be yet has come such a long way from the life she used to lead. Those are but a few of the testimonies of those that were baptized this weekend. As unique and distinct as our own fingerprints yet all beautiful reminders that God's word never returns empty. In due time, the seed planted will bear fruit, much fruit.

A new believer and mother setting the example for her daughter and husband by getting baptized.

Nicole getting baptized on the same day as her mother.

Yet another mother getting baptized before her daughter helping to set the example.

A father getting baptized and reclaiming the worthy position assigned by God as his family's spiritual leader.

A mother taking the step to get baptized as she watched her children grow in the Lord and serve Him tirelessly.

A niece watching her aunt get baptized after years of praying for her with her cousins.

A father getting baptized and consequently a family receiving an answer to their prayers.

The indescribable joy on a wife's face witnessing her husband getting baptized.

My husband reflecting on the beauty of baptism.

Mario being the first in his family to get baptized.

Alejandra faithfully taking the step of obedience to get baptized.

Our church family ready to witness the beauty of baptisms.

Rebecca getting baptized on the same day as her mother.

Alex getting baptized after being introduced to Christ through his girlfriend.


Ivett said...

Beautiful and memorable. Made me reflect on my spiritual birthday, father's day 1994. The last picture in your entry is my story. My then boyfriend, 17 years ago, shared with me, prayed with me, picked me up and took me to church with him, and led me to a stronger relationship with Christ. He was my only support and witness at my baptism. I will never forget that boy... I have married him =)))

Dulce said...

We praise the Lord for that celebration.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you.

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Melody said...

So awesome! Love to see new life being celebrated and proclaimed. Precious. Isn't it awesome to be a part of the Body of Christ?!