Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got conned

Today, Pancho the jeweler, stops by the beauty salon where I go to get pampered (just the occassional mani/pedicure) and he has a beautiful and super affordable Caravelle Bulova for sale. Since it was going for half price I figured it was certainly an offer I couldn't pass down. I said to myself, "Well, you certainly can't beat that price anywhere." As quickly as I could get a hold of a pen I was writing up a check to his name. I was under the impression that I was purchasing the real deal but little did I know that I would be purchasing a knock off.

When I got home I did a little research online and not before long found that indeed it was an imitation of the real thing. I was upset with myself for buying something under impulse but more than that I was mad that someone took advantage of me and deliberately misled me.

But as is with everything in life, there was something to learn from this experience. And indeed there was.

1. Never trust a jeweler named Pancho, much less if he targets women fixing their nails and hair at a beauty salon.

2. Do your research before making any purchases.

3. Do not under any circumstances buy anything under impulse.

Joking aside, I am glad it was a small purchase though and nothing major (house, car, etc.). And for those of you out there reading this wondering what is going to happen with the fake watch, well, I am returning it tomorrow. My nail lady has offered to call "Pancho" tomorrow morning and ask him not cash the check.
Have you ever been misled or conned? How did you feel? What did you do about it?

Can you spot the fake?


Melody said...

Bummer! I'm sorry you got scammed like that. Hopefully he will return your check....could you put a stop payment on it if he doesn't agree to? Or even if he does agree to but says he'll do it on "Monday" or whatever you might still want to do it. If he lied about it being real he could lie about the next thing he tells you or the nail salon lady. It's a nice looking watch....even if it is fake.

Ivett said...

The original is very pretty. I hope one day you will get that one =)