Saturday, August 1, 2009

"The Giving Tree"

Maybe you're familiar with Shel Silversteins book, "The Giving Tree". It's actually one of my favorites. It's about a tree that loves his owner so much that he is willing to give him everything he has and eventually does until only a stump remains. For me, this story parallels the love Christ had for us when he surrendered His life for us and paid for our sin-debt on the cross.

Although this post is not specifically about the book it is about Christ's love for us. Christ's love has been demonstrated to me through my mother. You see, my mother brought us up as a single mother. She did her best to give us everything we wanted and needed and never did she fall short. Actually she continues doing that even now that my sister, Deby, and I are married. Giving for my mother equates joy.

One of the things my mom has been giving us this summer are the fruits from her mango tree. She not only has shared with us but with countless others. I am amazed at just how much fruit that tree has beared and I am convinced that the reason my mom has this tree in her backyard with an overflow of mangos is because of her sincere desire to give and put a smile on someone else's face.

The older I get the more I realize what an amazing woman my mother is. People always say you will understand how much your parents love you once you have your own kids but I don't need to wait until then. I understand now.

My mami with my little sister, Danielle.


Aburtomichelle said...

WOW Indy i honestly wasnt able to understan that mother love until i got my own you see i never had a mother and father to care for me yeah my mother is alive and well but we only know each other i love her for giving a opurtunity at life and she cares because she had me but other than that we just no mother daughter love i long to know this love for very long time and because i didnt have it i went thrue so many hard times in my life i still do iam a mother and i got noone to go for advice other than friends but i see how much i love my kid that i can relate to your mom now i will do my best and i pray everynign for my baby not to grow without knowing God love for her and other and i want her to know what i been missing for many years the love of mother. Anyways you and so many people are lucky to Mother love iam a Mother and i know now what is that like because i have taht with my baby she is so blessed and even thou i didnt have a mother or father God put so many great people in my life that took care of me some for long time some for short but now that i got to know crist i can see how he took care of me all this years and i didnt even know He is MY mother and Father he loves me endlesly and I can say I love him to.

Ivett said...

Awww, sweet post. Your mom's love language is giving... it makes her happy!