Monday, July 6, 2009

The Beginnings of Doral Baptist Church

When the Lord called my husband and I to serve him in a new capacity at a new church with different people we were excited about the journey that awaited us. Although it would be tough leaving behind so many friendships and memories, we anticipated what the Lord was already doing in us and all that we had to offer (which really wasn't much, just a strong passion for ministry and the desire to serve the Lord).

(The worship team at Resurrection Baptist Church.)

We began working closely with Pastor Carbonell, supporting him in his new ministry but we had no idea the ride we were in for. You see the church was a small church in Doral which had lost it's pastor (he had to return to his country because his work permit had expired and he was not a resident) and Pastor Carbonell was a pastor looking for a church. God in his sovereignty was preparing the circumstances and people for this new phase.

During this time, Lucas and I were praying, fasting, seeking wise counsel from our family and friends. We believed in the vision God had given Pastor Carbonell and always dreamed of doing ministry by his side. It was certainly a leap of faith as Lucas would be taking a pay cut, wearing many different hats, some which were new to him, but we knew that it was what we wanted to do and what God had been preparing us for at Resurrection.

The church we were joining in Doral was a Hispanic ministry with a Spanish service. They did not have an English ministry established, yet. But once Pastor Carbonell knew we were on board, he proposed that Lucas serve as the English pastor. Lucas did not hesitate to accept this new ministerial challenge.

We joined the church in Doral in September of 2008 and were in love with the ministry instantly. For some reason that is unexplainable to us although we were so different from the people that were there we were very much alike. Our hearts completely meshed with theirs. And on October 31st, 2008, Lucas presented the new church, Doral Baptist Church, to the Miami Baptist Association with Pastor Carbonell.

(We're in this together!)

On March 22, 2009 he was licensed as a pastor by Pastor Carbonell.

Just last week Lucas completed his undergraduate degree at FIU in classical music performance. We don't know where we'll be ten years from today, five years from today or even a year from today but we do know that we are in the center of God's will for our lives right now.

Lucas has grown from being a young man that equipped children and teens to play an instrument in the worship team to a pastor who leads, challenges, encourages, motivates, inspires, and exhorts the church into a deeper relationship with Christ. So far I can whole-heartedly say that I have enjoyed this ride. There is nothing better in this world than knowing you are in the center of God's will and being used for His honor and glory.

"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."
Philippians 1:6 (NASP)


Melody said...

I loved hearing your story of how God led you guys to where you are. God is amazing at how he works and it really is an incredibly exciting ride to serve and follow him. May God continue to bless all the ministries at DBC!

Hillary said...

How exciting and wonderful!! What a joy to be where God wants you to be, and it is SO reassuring to know that He is in control of all things in your life. Congrats!

Ivett said...

Life is happening greatly for you. Soak it in and stay in an attitude of Praise! God bless you.