Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey guys, so it's not Indy this time, it's her other half, Lucas. She asked me to be her guest blogger for the day and I gladly said yes (cough, cough... my blog's been inactive for over 6 months and it only has about 4 entries)!

After thinking for a few minutes, the best topic for this blog became a no brainer! Today I will tell you about the owner of this blog, my beloved wife.


--Intelligent-- because God gave her the brains! She may act a little "blond" at times (which just makes her way cuter than what she already is) but man, can she do well in school, can she read a thousand books a week, can she type 93 words a minute, can she multi-task!!! Believe me, she can!

--Nice-- because she is the queen of first impressions! You cannot be around her and feel bad at the same time. Her smile lights up a room and she will always find something positive to compliment on you.

--Determined-- because she is serious about life, already half way through her masters, she excel in everything she does. Her GPA is currently a 4.0 and I have a feeling she is going to keep it that way!

--Inspiring-- well, you blog followers know why! And the 5000 people that come to her for advice every day. She is a social butterfly!

--Radical-- because she will not settle for a life short of what God her designed for her, she works on her sanctification like none other and when she feels like she is falling a little bit short of it, the Holy Spirit inside of her is so alive the she immediately knows that she has to change!

--Attractive-- well, have you ever seen a picture of her? She looks much better in person!!! Beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful face, have I mentioned her body! Oh man, what a body!!! ;)

Well, that is my wife. I know she will never describe herself like that because on top of all that she is a really humble person but what I have told you is the plain truth and there is much more than this!

What do you guys think of my wifey???


Miss Phatty said...

Aww, that was so sweet! Always wishing the best for you guys, and that our Lord continues to use you for the greatness of his kingdom.

May the desires of your heart be heard by him and that you continue to grow together in his love.


Indy said...

I promise I didn't pay him....;)

EmCee said...

I love this post! Lucas, you are so "on point" with your description. I especially like the part about "never feeling bad when you're around her." You're absolutely right! She's so bubbly, full of energy and super duper sweet that you almost feel revitalized after just spending a few minutes with her.

Not that I didn't know these things already, but your post just reminded me of what a beautiful friend (inside & out) I'm blessed to have!

Melody said...

You guys are so stinkin' CUTE!! I don't know your wife very well but I connected immediately when I read a few of her posts. I love her heart and her authenticity. I know ya'll make an incredible team for Christ.

Deby said...

Wow, Lucas this is so nice!! And everything you said is very true! =) Love you Indy!!

Ivett said...

loved your entry, Lucas... you hit the nail on the head =)

Indy, I'm sure you paid him later in ways you can't describe, eh-em...