Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I Love...

-Eating my hubby's cooking
-Reading a good book while laying in bed
-My four beautiful nieces (can't wait to meet the one that's on the way)
-Pointing someone to Christ in the midst of trials
-Our women's small group (Girls, you rock!)
-Talking about Jesus and what he's done in my life
-Cuddling with my hubby
-Little boys (They're always my favorite in the classroom)
-Talking to my little sister Danielle on the phone. When I say "I love you" she always says, "Me too!" in the sweetest voice (she makes my heart smile)
-Going over my mom's house on Sundays after church and just hanging out
-Wearing make-up
-Everything about Brazil (Music, People, Food, Language, etc.)
-When God's word speaks to me
-The way Lucas listens to me and asks "How was your day?"
-Singing to Jesus (wish I could do it better)
-Listening to my husband sing and play Brazilian songs on his guitar
-Scented candles
-Getting emails from my sis, Deby
-Being encouraged and encouraging others
-December 17th
-My American Eagle Jeans
-Taking photographs of other people (without them noticing)
-Mi familia
-Getting a pedicure
-Being a part of my husband's ministry

How about you? What do you <3?


Aburtomichelle said...

I love my big family ( i got 11 brothers and sister lol)
I love my husband and his womderful family (they are everything i always wanted in my life)
I Love Hailey
I Love Love GOD like no other
I Love the things God has done in my life and the hope he gives me everyday
I love all of my friends (Indi, Faby, william, Dailing, Arturo, Edward, Carmen, Efrain and so on so many i love you all)
I love that i Learn to love myself
I love learning about God
I love reading books (thx Faby for all of those books)
I love to live now
I love purses lol
I am just full of love now and i got to thank God for all of it.


EmCee said...

some of the things I l<3ve:

-my moma, the rest of the fam and my friends
-coming home to a clean place
-watching bad tv when my brain is fried
-70-74 degree weather
-finishing things
-being around my nearest and dearest
-playing the piano
-hot cocoa
-trying new food & activities
-getting my hair done
-reading indy's blog!