Monday, November 17, 2008

In just one month...

Lucas and I will be celebrating our Third Wedding Anniversary on December 17th. As I look past on the 1066 days we have spent as husband and wife I can't help but think of the things the Lord has taught me through marriage. Here are just a few that I will share with you.

1. The more you give, the more you receive.
2. When something bothers you kindly and gently (that's the key) let your spouse know.
3. Your spouse can never meet all of your needs (That's God's job).
4. Speak and understand each other's love language.
5. Pray for your spouse and your marriage.
6. It is the wive's duty to respect her husband even when she thinks he doesn't deserve it (We do it out of obedience to God).
7. Learn to forgive quickly and admit when you need to be forgiven.

And here's one of our wedding pictures which I love. I really think it speaks volumes.


Ivett said...

Gorgeous darling! Congrats on your upcoming 3 years. Good times; past, present and future. I really appreciate your thoughts of things you have learned from your marriage. It definitely has me reflecting and it's refreshing to read! Stay blessed.

Carolina said...

Aww Indy! I was there!! 3 years!~?! Wow... so many things have changed in my life!

I have to tell you, you have inspired me to start blogging!! : ))) Mine will be coming soon!

Muah! and may God keep blessing you 2!