Friday, September 26, 2008

Name my blog

Okay guys! My blog needs a little bit of help...I am looking for an original blog title so here is where you come in. I need YOU to help me name my blog. Post your suggestions and have FUN!

The winner will be announced on October 3rd and will be invited to dine with us in our home. =)


Deby said...

"A Cup of Indy" <---- Mike's idea!

When should we come over?

Faby D. said...

"The Thoughts and Reflections of Mrs. Almedia" <<< faby Bah i want some Quesadillas lol


. . . ....... thats all i Have for Now

EmCee said...

I love "A Cup of Indy!" but I do have a suggestion of my own..


"Everything Indy - a blogful of Life, Love, and Worship."


"Everything Indy - Life, Love and Worship."

The word blogful is supposed to be like a "mouthful", but blogging instead. idk, i thought it was quirky!

1 said...
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Lucas Almeida said...

I know you wont pick this one, but my suggestion is "Indy Knows" or Indy's Always Right"... but the one you might choose is "From Indy's Eyes"... anyway, I know I'm invited to the dinner whether I win or not!!!! hehehehe

Tere ;o) said...

This is the "Indy 500" ...of thoughts & ideas that is!