Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I can see clearly now"

God is such a funny guy because sometimes He has to remind us of things we thought we already learned. For instance, this morning I had my "caca face" (That's what Lucas likes to call it when I'm in a bad mood). And it didn't change until I decided to start giving thanks instead of nitpicking and pointing out the negative things. I found so many things to give thanks for.

I'm grateful for (in no particular order):
-for our new church, Doral Baptist Church
-that the church gave my hubby a lap top so that he can work from home and I can occassionally use it, too. ;P
-my incredible family
-that I get to do something I love for a living
-for the relationship I have today with my sister, Deby
-for what God is doing in our life
-for JESUS
-that my hubby became a US citizen on Friday
-that I got to meet two of my friends' beautiful baby daughters this weekend
-for the amazing women I get to see once a week in our small group
-that although we may not see the fruits of what we planted, we know that when we invest in His kingdom the results are eternal
-for all 8 of my siblings including the 4 stepbrothers and stepsisters (bet you didn't know that about me)
-for the opportunity to meet other people and use words to talk about Jesus only when necessary (learned that from Pastor Gaston in RBC)
-that my hubby puts up with me when I am less than tolerable =P (I love you, my handsome...thank you!)

Now, it's your turn...what are YOU grateful for?


Deby said...

I made it to the list! Mike and I are extremely grateful for you and Lucas!

EmCee said...

as concise as possible it would be:

-my loving/supportive/amazing family and friends
-Justin and everything about him
-all the opportunities i've been given AND
-someone who reminds me to be grateful for ALL of these things!

Marcy said...

hey indy girl:
thankful for this post
thankful for my husband [who also tolerates me even in my "caca face" moments]
thankful for frc and how God allows me to serve him with the children's ministry
thankful for my familiy
thankful for our new home
thankful that lucas is a citizen and thank the Lord bc i know heredes will soon be next...
thankful for God's love

i think ill stop there.... love ya girl!

Indy said...

Maricruz, you can add one more thing to your list. =)

Congratulations Esquire Rahaman!

Indy said...

One more thing...I am grateful for all of YOU!!!

Aburtomichelle said...

so many things

Thankful for being so love by God
Thankful for my baby girl (soon to meet her)
Thankful for my new apartment
Thankful for my health
Thankful for my Husband
Thankful for my great friend Indy
Thankful for my family from my side and husband side

Ivett said...

first on my mind is: being employed. Although, I'm not the happiest at my location, it's still a good thing that I get to do what I enjoy and that is teach young children. So I'm thankful for work and my students. And this post of course!