Monday, July 21, 2008

In my second attempt to create a blog

I just finished posting a comment on a friend's blog (Ivett without the E) and she inspired me to create my own. Although I created one several months ago I never got too far with it. And as silly as it sounds, I can't for the life of me, remember how to log on to that one. Oh well...I must be getting old...or maybe I can no longer keep track of my 20+ user IDs and passwords. I do practically everything online...from paying bills, to checking our account and most recently I became a member of Swaptree. It's the new way to barter. It works like E-bay except you don't have to pay, all you do is exchange CDs, DVDs, video games and books. Check out their site I'm really looking forward to getting rid of all of the stuff I no longer listen to or watch. Books, can't say I'm really interested in trading those...we have our own little library collection at home and I plan to keep expanding it.

So this summer has been one of the greatest thus far. My hubby and I got to go to Brazil for 19 amazing days. My little sister, also came with us and I'll tell you she's already been to 3 of the World's Seven Wonders. She is blessed beyond measure.

Our trip itinerary played out a little like this:
We spent three days in Rio de Janeiro where we visited "Cristo Redentor" (one of the World's Seven Wonders) and "Pão de Açúcar". Lucas also took us by bus (which was one of the greatest experiences for me) to the school he attended from Kindergarten - 7th grade. We also met some relatives he had in Rio. We were really expecting to be able to go to the beach but the weather was not cooperating. It was really cold, rainy and foggy. We made the most of it, though and we've got the videos to prove it.

We then flew in to Lucas' hometown of Salvador, Bahia which is known as the "cidade da alegria". I wish I had pictures of Lucas' expressions. He was so excited that he could hardly hide it. As soon as we landed Lucas' parents were there to receive us. They took us to the new apartment they had just purchased the week before in Ipitango and it was absolutely perfect. Not even a minute away from the beach. So we got to stay there while Lucas' parents stayed in the apartment downstairs. God gave us a 5-star vacation free of charge. Kind of like His grace...huh? He's always giving us things we just don't deserve. That's just how good He is. Soooo, I finally got to meet most of Lucas' relatives. Everyone was so sweet and thrilled beyond words to see us. It had been seven years since Lucas' last visit so you can just imagine. We spent a lot of time getting to know his city, living like the locals and eating typical foods like acarajé and moqueca.

And if that weren't enough we got to stop for four days in Manaus (it was actually supposed to be three but our flight got cancelled) which was tiring because we had to get up the next morning at 4 am but we also got to see the show they had at the hotel that evening. We stayed in the Tropical Manaus which we highly recommend. Lucas booked our room on Expedia at an excellent rate...we paid less than half of the hotel's daily rate. The hotel itself was gorgeous...the rooms were a little outdated but nothing a little renovation can't take care of. Regardless, we had a wonderful time. The breakfast buffet was to die for. I ate this delicious crepe looking thing made with tapioca stuffed with bananas and sweetened condensed milk. YUM! We went on the "Meeting of the Waters" down the Amazon River and ate on a floating restaurant. Yes, you heard me (rather read me)...a restaurant that floats on the water. We also saw gigantic waterlillies called "Victoria Regia" in Portuguese and saw where the Negro River and Solimões River meet to form the Amazon River.

An observation I made about our trip to Brazil was that life is so simple there. They really value what's important and although they may not have all the commodities we do they also don't have a third of the stress we have. We work so hard to gain material possessions that we forget to really live.

Before I forget something worth checking out is our cousins’ band, Banda de Boca. They are INCREDIBLE! So incredible in fact that their CD is the only one that we have listened to in the car since we got back. This five member band produces all the sounds using only their mouths.

Enjoy the good music and pictures!

In His Love,


Heredes... said...

Welcome to Blogville !!!

It looks like you had a horrible time in Brazil !! NOT !!!

Marcy and i wish we could go soooooo bad !! One day ...

anywho ... we'll see you soon .. you're on my blogroll ;)


Ivett said...

Thanks for the shout out, lol. It did sound like the vacation to remember forever! Glad you had a blast. Welcome to blog world and enjoy posting... I've enjoyed reading!

Rute said...

Hi Indy, I'm always trying to create my own blog too... =) but for now I still prefer to visit my friends blog...
About your trip... I'm not from Bahia/Salvador, I'm from Ceará/Fortaleza (please visit us in your next trip!) =) but I love Bahia and I try to go there whenever I can, because it's close to Fortaleza and most João's relative live there. Kisses, Indy! Nice to read your blog.